About us


Exists to
benefit and support the Carnegie branch.

The Albany Public Library Foundation (APLF) exists for two purposes. The first is to support the Carnegie Branch of the Albany library system. The board members are well aware of the importance of the Carnegie to the downtown area and to the history of Albany as a community.

Any 100- year old building such as the Carnegie frequently needs attention to physical upkeep and consequently needs funds dedicated and used to that purpose. Among our many projects: we have cleaned the bricks outside the building, repaired the windows inside, and refurbished the basement so it can be used as a children’s room. Upgrades on old utilities also call for money and attention. Heating and air conditioning have been improved with a single heat-pump system instillation. All such upgrades are made with the historic nature of the Carnegie in mind. Keeping the century-old style and character of the 1914 building pleases patrons and blends well with the historic downtown location.

The APLF has also paid for staff time to open the building on Saturdays, runs programs for children and youth, and buys new materials.

The Foundation’s secondary purpose is to benefit the whole Albany Public Library system. When we give money to the library system to buy books, for instance, we make no decisions about where those books will be shelved. That’s up to the library staff, the experts.

The Albany Public Library Foundation is not an agency of the City of Albany government. However, it seeks to coordinate its activities with the Albany Public Library administration.


Foundation Annual Report
FY 2021-2022

For the last several years, budget restrictions at the City of Albany have limited the purchasing of new materials. The Foundation, along with the Friends of the Library, have stepped up with funds to bridge that gap.

The Albany Public Library Foundation provides funds for summer programs for children and youth at the Carnegie branch. This helps maximize the number of children the summer reading program reaches.

Among many improvement projects, the Foundation has recently had all of the windows in the Carnegie branch professionally restored, and new window coverings created. Air conditioning was also added to the building.

Foundation board members have assisted with various events at the Carnegie library such as the annual Christmas historic homes tour, and the summer reading wrap-up.